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Medical Credit Collection Services

Medical collection services are provided to the owners of healthcare-related businesses, including hospitals, labs, clinics, and physicians’ groups. With escalating healthcare costs, it can often lead to a higher amount of unpaid patient bills. Insurance premiums have more than doubled in the past decade. There are a high number of people who don’t even have any insurance, or insurance won’t cover certain expenses.

This sensitive task needs to be handled with a high level on integrity between patient and healthcare provider. You need to maintain a good relationship with patients, but it’s also important to get the money you have earned to stay in business.

Medical credit collection services can ensure that you have an excellent recovery of slow-paying or nonpaying patients. Your business may be frustrated and have given up hope of collecting from certain debtors, yet we have proven many times over that there can be effective ways to recover payment from non-paying or slow-paying patients.

It all begins with building a strong relationship with the patient. It helps to build trust, and provide solutions. Simply harassing them, or annoying them, are tactics that no longer work. All that does is leave them avoiding you, or changing their telephone numbers. Your patients will enjoy working with us as we help to find a way to help them to pay.

If you have third party payers, we also help to ensure that you have swift reimbursements from them, if they’ve been a bit slow in paying.

It’s important to hire a medical credit collection service who has seasoned members with many years of experience. At RAB, Inc., we have more than 40 years of combined experience. You’ll discover that we have a unique way of providing customer service. Not only do we have experience in the collections industry, but also in medical, healthcare, and the insurance industries.

Our company has experience in working with a wide range of hospitals, labs, clinics, physician groups, urgent cares, and more.

As a company, we are also licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide services in the patient debt collection, third-party bad debt collection programs, insurance billing, pre-collection, and early-out programs.

It’s our aim to give all clients the best customer service, whether through the telephone, letter, or email. We have established the best workflows so that each of your accounts is managed in a respectful and timely manner.

When you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll assign you one of our healthcare credit collectors who will work with you to collect the payments you are owed.

We have collector specialists who are bilingual, and we also follow HIPAA compliance. We provide up-to-date training for our collectors. When we mail out letters, they must be FDCPA compliant. We accept a wide range of payments from patients, so they can pay promptly. We accept ACH, online payment, and credit cards, and checks. We also have skip tracing services.

Our company provides complete reporting of all completed transactions, and a list of of contact times. We also provide credit reporting.

Our collections company also utilizes the most advanced technology and equipment so that you can expect to get the maximum results in a timely manner. You’ll discover that we provide unparalleled results.

We work with all sizes of companies and are committed to providing the best medical collection services. This is why you can set us apart from our competition. If your medical- or healthcare-based business is in need of medical collection services, please give us RAB, Inc. a call today to find out further information.

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