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Debt collection

There was a time when there was a hashtag doing the rounds on Twitter that said #GetPaidNotPlayed. The tweets contained (...)

Hiring a Collection Agency

When hiring a collection agency, it's important to know what you want to achieve. Debt collection agencies are focused (...)

How Does an American Medical Collection Agency Work?

If you’re working for a medical or healthcare business and are finding that a high number of invoices are outstanding, (...)

Collection Agency for Small Business

Most small business owners come to face it at some time — clients who don't pay bills however hard you put into collecting (...)

Is Your Company Searching for Medical Credit Collection Services?

Medical Credit Collection Services Medical collection services are provided to the owners of healthcare-related businesses, (...)

What is the Role of a Collection Specialist?

Collection Specialists A collection specialist works for a collection agency as a liaison between a company and their (...)

Bill collectors' jobs

When you research any aspect of debt, and its collection don't be put off by the experiences people report about bill (...)

Why Businesses Need a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency If you’re the accounting manager or owner of a business, you may have thoughts that you’ll keep (...)

Credit Collection Services

Collecting debts is by no means easy. People involved in the process encounter challenging situations daily. But they (...)

How to Choose a Medical Collections Agency

Choosing a Medical Collections Agency If you run a medical facility, hospital, lab, physicians’ group, or clinic, you (...)

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